Hendrix Aerial Cable Withstands “The Forgotten Storm”

In the early 2000s, the city of Natchitoches, Louisiana, was working to install a new feeder that would continue a ring bus around the city. Much of the ring bus was built on new pole installations. But in an area that extended approximately one mile through sections of the city that were highly congested and heavily treed, it would be impossible to install new poles to carry the associated three-cable feeder.

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Polyethylene Insulators for Public Power

Lightweight, durable high density polyethylene insulators reliably withstand years of abuse on rural distribution lines.

Developed decades ago, porcelain insulators have built a reputation for low cost simplicity when used to attach electrical lines to utility poles. Although porcelain has been around for a long time, durability is the downfall of this fragile material. Costly damage can occur during handling, transportation and installation, as well as in-service when exposed to weather extremes, lightning or vandalism.
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Utility Service & Assistance

When Tom Skeffington first began installing Hendrix aerial cable back in the 1970’s, there weren’t a lot of utilities using Hendrix. Although the product was developed in the early 1950’s by Bill Hendrix, distribution was still limited. At that stage, there were also questions about the reliability of the product.Cable that had been in the field for a few years was experiencing some cracking of the “insulators”, calling into question the long-term reliability of the Hendrix Brand. But to their credit, Hendrix continued to make improvements to the technology, they addressed the insulator challenges, and at the end of the day they continue to put a product in the field that is second-to-none.

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Taking the High Road

Carroll White Rural Electric Membership Corporation (REMC) in Indiana needed to
rebuild a substation outside of Monticello, about 90 miles north of Indianapolis.
While doing so, Carroll White decided to also upgrade the power line to the Lake
Shafer community, which included a 1,600-foot span across the recreational lake.

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Hendrix Power Cable Wins with Windfarm Business

For over 50 years, wind turbines have been considered to be a viable source of clean, renewable energy, with
single turbine installations providing power for local applications. To create power on a broader scale, multiple
turbines were then strung together, providing a critical mass of generated power to larger applications. The
fi rst wind farm, integrating 20 turbines along the shoulder of Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire in 1980,
generated 0.6 MW of power. But it wasn’t until the 90’s, with the help of governmental subsidies (national/
state/local) in the form of tax credits or fi nancial stimulus, to support renewable energy investment, that wind
power began to be considered on a broad scale for much larger power generation needs. Since then, leading
energy companies like NextEra Energy, Inc. have been developing wind farms across North America and other
conglomerates are implementing the technology around the globe. Modern day wind farms now have as many
as three to four hundred turbines, generating as much as 1,300 MW of power.
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Hendrix Aerial Spacer Cable System

Ever since Bill Hendrix developed the Hendrix Aerial Spacer Cable Systems (ACS) back in 1951, utilities around the world – from the rain forests of Brazil to the snow-covered mountains of Antarctica to the back roads of Sleepy Hollow, IL – have depended on this innovative solution to address reliability concerns.

Not only have they found the solution to be more reliable than bare wire or tree wire, utilities have also been able to take advantage of the true value proposition of Hendrix ACS: reduce overall costs as they relate to circuit operation and maintenance over the long term.

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Polyethylene versus Porcelain Insulators

Snohomish PUD makes the switch to Hendrix Molded Polyethylene Insulators and never looks back

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Powering National Parks Worldwide

Strong and Reliable Hendrix Aerial Cable Protects Natural Beauty and Enhances the Tourist Experience

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